Welcome to My Life

Welcome to my small corner of the internet!! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a very long time. The more things started happening to me, the more I wanted to share my experiences with the world and write about them. Mainly so I wasn’t the only one laughing at my poorly scripted life. I cant complain too much about my life, I have been pretty lucky with a lot of things but just like everyone else I go through things. We have all gone through good and bad times. We have all felt: happy, depressed, anxious, lost, etc. I say let’s help each other out! Let’s tell our stories, our struggles, and give each other some advice. I am always happy to meet new people. There is no easy way to get through life. There are no magic spells or special instructions. Trust me, I looked…. but when you go through it with other people it just makes it easier and more fun. So here we go… Welcome to my virtual life ! See you guys on my first official post!               

Dream without fear. Love without limits.


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